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Explore some of the many experts and creators who have worked with Authoritive to build interactive programs, designed to engage and inform their audiences, and create a new source revenue for themselves.

Gretchen Rubin

Bestselling author, Podcaster

Tim Tebow

Former NFL player, Bestselling author

Susan Cain

Bestselling author

Mark Bittman

Food entrepreneur, Cookbook author

Denise Hamilton

Inclusion strategist, Speaker

Catherine Price

Science writer, Fun expert

Caitlyn Lindsay

YouTuber, Wellness Influencer

Dr. Jennifer Aaker Naomi Bagdonas

Bestselling Authors, humor experts

Danielle Town

Podcaster, Investing expert, Author

Robin Hills

Business Psychologist, Emotional Intelligence Coach

Sophie Chiche

Author, Psychologist, Productivity Coach

Chris Guillebeau

Sidehustle expert + Author, Podcaster

Courtney Maum

Writing coach, Author

Donna Barker

Bestselling Romance Author, Writing Coach

Tasha Eurich

Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach

Claire Shipman Katty Kay

Bestselling Authors, confidence experts

Fred Dust

Dialogue designer, Author

Tara Blair Ball

Relationship Coach, Writer

Casey Jones

Minimalist Influencer, Declutter Expert

Sarah Knight

Author, Podcaster

Ryan Mayer

ADHD Coach

Francesca Hogi

Love Coach

Gina Gomez

Breakup & Relationship Coach

Alexis - Financially Brave

Financial Coach

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