Transform your
Creators grow their brand, audience and revenue through customized, text messaging programs and
AI-assisted Creator chat.
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An Entirely New Way to Engage Your Audience

Choose one of two ways to easily create customized, interactive experiences that engage your audience, and gather invaluable information about what content your fans are most interested in receiving.
Eric Ries
Eric Ries

Your Existing Assets

Connect your feeds to notify your audience via text message when your latest post, episode, video or content is released.
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Gather meaningful insights

Discover what your audience expects, what they want more of, without surveys, through natural conversation. You can track by topic, by audience segment, by channel, by time and day of the week.
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Next Podcast episode
Hey Alex! When is your next podcast coming? Looking forward to it!
Can't wait for your next Podcast episode!
Live Q&A ?
I love this app!
Book release

Choose the right solution for you and your audience

Creator in your Pocket
CREATOR IN YOUR POCKET is more than a tool- it's AI-Assisted chat that turns your original content into highly engaging experiences via text messaging and WhatsApp.
Upload a range of content - book excerpts, blogs, videos, and podcasts to train your always-on chat. Subscribers ask questions, get advice, learn about events, preorder or purchase books, buy tickets, access exclusive content, and more.
Schedule diverse messages, including text, images, videos, audio, surveys, and quizzes, to guide subscribers to key content at optimal times.
Publish instantly on SMS, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams with no algorithm interference. Every subscriber gets your content, resulting in higher engagement rates than social media or email.
Generate new revenue streams through subscription fees and brand collaborations, driving your audience to premium offerings on platforms like Substack, Thinkific, Discord, Spotify, and more.
Conversation Flows

Our CONVERSATION FLOWS offers your audience guided, interactive experiences across their most used messaging platforms.

Use our advanced INTERACTION BUILDER and AI-Assisted message generator to efficiently design and publish impactful daily interactions for learning, engagement, and inspiration.
Schedule your crafted messages with audio, video, images, and text to reach your audience on messaging apps like SMS, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams.
Effortlessly customize your sales page quickly with your brand, link ESPs, and boost offerings with exclusive promotions, all in just minutes.

Getting started is fast & easy!

Contact us today to tap into the full potential of your time, audience and content and you could have your Creator chat or messaging program live in days, not weeks.